RODEN 1/144

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Vickers Super VC10 K4 Tanker 1/144

Vickers Super VC10 K4 Tanker 1/144

Vickers Super VC10 K4 – British aerial refueling aircraft, converted from the Vickers Super VC10 type 1151 passenger aircraft. Unlike its predecessor the VC10 K3, the new version had no fuel tanks in the fuselage, and planes of this type were principally intended for the aerial refueling of front line combat aircraft. Four such planes were rebuilt at the end of 1970, which in the next three decades took part in many well-known conflicts, among them the Falklands War, the first Iraq war (Desert Storm), the war in Afghanistan, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia and the second Iraq War (2003). Their last use was in 2011, when British forces supported the operation against the Gaddafi regime in Libya. In 2013, the type was removed from the structure of the Royal Air Force and it took places of honor in museums in the UK after more than 30 years of intensive military operations.

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